Chefs & Cooking


Undoubtedly the highlight and core of the event are the cookery demonstrations taking place every day over the three days of the festival in the fully equipped demonstration marquee.  Local chefs from hotels, restaurants and bistros entertain the visitors with their flamboyant demonstrations using local fresh fish, shellfish and locally available produce and of course the opportunity to taste the results is greatly appreciated.

 Download recipes from some of our top chefs

This Year’s Chefs

Adam Banks - Fifteen Cornwall

Adam Banks – Fifteen Cornwall. Saturday 12.45pm & Sunday 11.45am

Matt Ring - Silks Bistro

Matt Ring – Silks Bistro, 2.45pm Saturday.

Ben Harmer - Penrose Kitchen

Ben Harmer – Penrose Kitchen. Saturday 10.45am.

Aaron James - Harbour Fish and Grill

Aaron James – Harbour Fish and Grill. Friday 10.45am & Sunday 2.45pm

Ben Singleton - Fish House, Fistral Beach

Ben Singleton – Fish House, Fistral Beach – Saturday 1.45pm.

Chris Archambault Headland Hotel

Chris Archambault Headland Hotel, Sunday 12.45pm

John Fish Merrymoor Inn

John Fish Merrymoor Inn – Friday 11.45am

Paul McKenna - Barefoot at the Beach

Phil OakesPhil Oakes – The Griffin

Where did you learn your trade? I was born and bred in Newquay into a hospitality background and its been a large part of life in so many ways through the family business, working in Newquay and teaching in Cornwall to produce the next generation of young chefs through local schools also Cornwall college for 18 years and I now enjoy managing the Griffin Inn and being able to interact with our wonderful locals and our great visitors

Was there a chef you looked up to when training? I was lucky enough to work with some very talented chefs during my training at Cornwall college however Anton Mosimann and Marco Pierre white were truly inspirational, now having worked with him and his team at college Nathan Outlaw must be given true consideration.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten? I think it would have to be rock salt dried Hammerhead Shark meat just off the coast of Oman however working with Cornish edible insects has got to take some beating!

What is your signature dish? Char grilled whole Mackerel on Compressed Melon, Parma ham and prawns with and herb oil infusion.

Do you have a Food Philosophy? Yes and it’s very important to me that we should use the best that Cornwall has to offer from land, sea and air we have some of the best produce in the country if not the world and we need to keep promoting it but still being mindful of being sustainable and working with individuals like the great fishermen in Newquay and also groups such as the Good Cornwall seafood guide produced by the Cornwall wildlife trust and Matt who works so hard to educate us all in what’s good to eat and when in a responsible manner.

Pam Perring – Hotel Bristol

Where did you learn your trade? I learnt my trade at St Austell college while working at the tredragon Hotel in mawgan Porth where I spent 10 years of my career from there I came to the hotel bristol where I have now been for 16 and a half years.

Was there a chef you looked up to when training? There was no particular chef I looked up to as I grew up I got my passion for food from my Mum as I was bought up on a farm and I was used to good home cooked food from fresh ingredients and being involved in helping cook on a daily basis.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten? I wouldn’t say there is anything unusual in the food I have eaten but I am a firm believer in saying if you haven’t tried it you can’t say you don’t like it.

What is your signature dish? I don’t have a singular signature dish I enjoy cooking all food and take pleasure in all I do.

Do you have a Food Philosophy? Sorry I am a bit boring I don’t have any food philosophy apart from love what you eat and enjoy.